Meet The Horses

Introducing The Valley Farm Horses & Ponies


17hh beginners horse, who will also take experienced riders on the flat.  Ivor is also used for lunge lessons to improve client's balance and strength

15.3hh who loves to jump! She is for more experienced riders who have an independent seat, then she is a push button ride! She also loves gymkhana games and pony club with the children


13.1 with a cheeky personality! He loves doing everything from teaching beginners to taking an experienced child round a 70cm course! A great pony to gain confidence jumping bigger fences

16.1hh experienced schoolmaster who loves his flatwork.  He will teach adults and children to ride in an outline correctly

14.1hh allrounder cob who will teach beginners to ride and also step up with a more advanced adult or child

17.1hh experienced schoolmaster who teaches his riders how to ride in an outline correctly.  Toby also loves his jumping and he will teach novices to go up to the next level and also very experienced riders

12.3hh who loves going fast!  A great pony for a more experinced child to have fun on

12hh beginners pony who knows his job inside out, he has been with us for over 25yrs.  A great pony to learn to canter on

13.3hh for experienced and sympathetic children.  Timmy was misstreated in the past and gets confidence from his rider.  If he trusts his rider he will fly round 85/90cm

14.1hh push button ride, she is very responsive in the school.  Will teach all levels of riders above beginners

12hh first pony, a great pony to learn to ride on but will step up for more experienced children

14.2hh allrounder, he will teach beginners and also step up to experienced riders.  He loves his jumping, cross country and a good gallop across the field!

13.2hh pony club pony who loves jumping.  He will take less experienced children but loves flying round 80/85cm with a more experienced rider

13.1hh perfect allrounder.  She loves hacking, jumping, cross country, gymkhanas with all levels of riders

13hh been there, done it type, loves looking after his riders learning to canter
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